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event policies

Public Square provides a unique event location for Cleveland that supports and enhances our diverse city. We further support the continual regional and national branding of Cleveland by connecting events that demonstrate the cultures, amenities, and perspectives of our community.

  • What does it cost to rent Public Square?
    Public Square offers a number of pricing options. Fees are based on the area of Public Square you choose. We also offer non-profit discounts and tiered pricing. See reservation rates. Contact our events team to learn more about pricing.
  • Can I bring my own vendors?
    Yes, but licenses and permits must be pre-approved by the Public Square events team for the following: Food vendors and catering Equipment, sound, stage and lighting rentals Restrooms, including lay-out diagram Janitorial, trash and waste removal Security
  • Where can I find event policies and procedures?
    We have detailed policies and procedures in the Planning Tools section of our website: See Public Square policies See event hosting procedures
  • Where can I see diagrams and property specifications?
    Public Square is a 6.5 acre park designed to handle any type of event. We offer state of the art utilities, a natural amphitheater, and multi-purpose features perfect for events of any size. View site plan, dimensions, electrical & water layout Weight restrictions map Service vehicle access, loading procedure
  • Does Public Square have internet?
    Yes, we have high-speed internet service available anywhere on the property. Our events team can offer wired or wireless service with the right amount of bandwidth to make your event a success. Learn more about internet service options here.
  • Do I need city of Cleveland permits?
    Yes, our expert events team is available to assist in the planning and application process for all applicaple permits. Examples include: Street closure and lane obstruction Retail vendor Noise variance Event approval
  • Is alcohol permitted at my event?
    Yes, with proper permits from the city of Cleveland, a security plan, and pre-approval. The Public Square events team also works with area distributors and can help find a vendor for your event.
  • What security measures are in place to keep Public Square safe?
    Downtown Cleveland "Safety Ambassadors" are in Public Square daily Cleveland Police have a regular presence in Public Square Enhanced lighting and public events activate the space, even during evening hours Increased foot traffic and activity improves public safety

Public Square is host to hundreds of events that happen year-round.

Contact our events team today to learn more about how you can book any type of event. 

Access our planning tools to learn more about the steps you'll need to complete to host an event in The Square. 

Get help with driving directions, parking locations, or public transit options for Downtown Cleveland. 

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