4 ways Public Square protects Lake Erie

Children enjoy the splash pad located on the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza on Public Square's southern half.

Public Square was built with sustainability in mind and it was made possible with the support of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

The Public Square renovation included a $7 million investment in green infrastructure which led to a design that offers exciting features on the property that protect water quality.

Green infrastructure should protect, enhance, preserve, and restore. Here's how the green investments in Public Square do just that.

  • Restore: By keeping stormwater on-site and out of the sewer system, we are restoring the health of Lake Erie and protecting the health of the entire region.

  • Preserve: Green space is a historic component of Public Square. We believe it is worth sustaining for future generations.

  • Enhance: A unique rainwater filtration system underground captures and recirculates on-site runoff to water vegetation on Public Square.

  • Protect: The surface greenery and unseen system below ground manage 3,000,000 gallons of stormwater to protect Lake Erie from pollution.

The continued support of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District allows the Public Square Programming and Operations team to bring entertainment and events to the space, making The Square enjoyable for visitors throughout the year.


The reimagined Public Square is part of The Group Plan's mission to better connect Public Square, the Malls, and the lakefront.

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