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The Grand Piano Pursuit

Piano Cleveland will be launching a piano scavenger hunt this summer to commemorate the upcoming 2021 Cleveland International Piano Competition. The scavenger hunt will feature pianos that have been uniquely repurposed by Cleveland artists and reimagined into new artwork. The local art pieces will be placed throughout our city (Cleveland Public Square will be one of 10 locations) and Clevelanders will have the opportunity to explore “The Land” and find these works for a chance to win prizes before the Cleveland International Competition begins in July!

Piano Cleveland and Cleveland Public Square are acutely aware of how difficult this past year has been for artists of all kinds; musical, performing arts, visual arts, as well as the impact it’s had on our organizations. We feel it is important, now more than ever, to create opportunities for local artists to create and share their works, and give our community a reason to explore our city safely - one favorite Cleveland location at a time. We hope that this program will bring joy and hope to our community after such a challenging year.

The scavenger hunt will begin on June 11, 2021, and will end before the competition begins on July 8, 2021.

Cleveland International Piano Competition

The Cleveland International Piano Competition is one of the most renowned international classical music competitions in the world and will showcase the pinnacle of classical piano artists across two weeks of performances later this summer. This year’s competition is being brought to audiences in a hybrid format, offering in-person and virtual events, so that both local and international audiences can safely experience the breathtaking musical performances.


  • The piano will remain a functioning instrument.

  • The artists will choose the piano at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Hudson or via a look-book the first week of April.

  • The piano will be delivered to the artist by April 15 to create the piece – then delivered to its new location from early June - July 8 (additional dates TBD).

  • Cleveland Public Square will work in collaboration with the artist to decide what happens to the piano after the event.


This competition is open to all Cleveland-based artists, must have a piano theme, and include elements/ambiance of Cleveland Public Square.

Once artists have submitted their design ideas, the Cleveland Public Square Team will review submissions and choose the design that will be on the Piano.


The selected artist will be paid $500 by Piano Cleveland. Other submitters will not be paid for their designs.


To submit your idea for a full-size piano design for consideration, please complete the SUBMISSION FORM by MARCH 29, 2021.


  • The artwork is engaging, uplifting, and visually appealing.

  • No artwork should have religious themes, portray violence or contain elements that could be portrayed or used as a weapon.

  • The artwork should not be perceived as confusing, scary, or inappropriate

*More specific criteria may be included as appropriate.



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