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Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza

The Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza is the core of the new Public Square.  Through the generous support of the Cleveland Foundation, the plaza features the fountain, the Speakers’ Plaza and Rebol café. 

The Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza was the highlight of the recent RNC convention, hosting numerous opposing groups, sharing their ideas and opinions about future governance of our country. 

The water fountain is a popular new feature that encompasses about 18,600 square feet.

The fountain includes a child-safe mirror pond and dozens of fountains which are lit at night by in-ground lighting. In colder months the water fountain will be converted into a 5,300 square foot ice rink.

Visitors to the Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza can expect to see entertainment and programming throughout the year, including City Club Forum Luncheons, musical acts,  cooking demonstrations, art classes and more.  Click here for an updated event schedule.



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