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Dominion Perennial Garden

The Dominion Perennial Garden is located on the southeast side of Public Square near Superior Avenue. This garden is closest to Superior Avenue and the corner of East Roadway. It features the following types of plants, trees, and shrubs:

Eastern Redbud, Homestead Elm, Flowering Dogwood, Blue Wood Aster, Pennsylvania Sedge, Flowering Spurge, Purple Lovegrass, Switchgrass, Christmas Fern, Great Burnet.

From this vantage point, you can see the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument, or you can look across Superior Avenue to see the Gund Foundation Green.

Guests who are in The Square for our self-guided walking tour of the gardens should walk north across Superior Avenue. The beautiful granite paver pathway below is known as the KeyBank Promenade.

The vegetation around The Square was intentionally selected during the design process. (READ MORE)



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