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Tara Turner, Senior Director of Development and Communication at LAND Studio

Downtown residents are so important to the growth and vitality of our city.

We love them and know that you will too! This month we sat down with Tara Turner who lives at The Residences at Terminal Tower.

Tara is the Senior Director of Development and Communication at LAND Studio. Here are a few questions we asked her about her experience in downtown Cleveland.

Why did you decide to move downtown?

When I was little, we lived on the west side and went to the east side to visit my cousins. We always drove through downtown and I would look at the Terminal Tower and tell my parents one day I’m going to live there. My parents would tell me “you can’t because that building is for offices.” But I never gave up on the thought!

Fast forward to three years ago, I saw in the paper that the Terminal Tower was going to be converted to residential. At the time I owned a home and just didn’t think this could happen. Well this year, due to the stars aligning and some good timing, I was able to move myself and my daughter into a beautiful new apartment with a gorgeous view of Public Square. Things worked out and I can cross living downtown off my bucket list!

Any favorite places downtown?

Public Square. I’m in The Square 4-5 times a day with my French bulldog! The space is beautiful, and I love talking to everyone in The Square. Every day I meet other residents, visitors, and commuters. You never know who you’ll strike up a conversation with. It feels like the area is really starting to evolve into a neighborhood. I’m starting to see and get to know the same people. I want to coordinate a dog walking party in The Square!

Have you discovered anything new since living downtown?

I’ve always been a big fan of going downtown. Now everything is more accessible. I can walk to East 4th and get my takeout from Mabel’s. My daughter and I can hop on a scooter and get ice cream at Mitchell’s. It’s wonderful being right in the middle of it all! I have discovered Ray, the gentleman who has shined shoes in the Terminal Tower for years. He is the nicest man I’ve ever met. And he has fixed a few of my purses and shoes-he’s the best!

What would you tell individuals with children who are thinking of moving downtown?

Do it! This is a great adventure for me and my daughter. She is starting to learn and love all the places that she never visited much before. She loves scooters, it’s a great way for us to see and explore the city!

Any other advice for people interested in living downtown?

Do your research and look at lots of places. There are so many awesome opportunities downtown. Every building has different amenities you can easily find exactly what you want, you just have to look for it. Don’t limit yourself, explore, and see what fits your lifestyle!



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