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1. ALCOHOL: Sales and distribution of alcohol at any time is expressly prohibited.

2. CANCELLATION: Vendors shall notify Group Plan Commission a minimum of 24 hours in advance if Vendor needs to cancel their scheduled date. Any funds received may be retained by GPC for Vendors either cancelling with less than 24 hours’ notice or not showing up for a scheduled event.

3. REGISTRATION: All food truck Vendors shall first contact the City of Cleveland and acquire the necessary food truck permits/inspections BEFORE submitting registration information with Group Plan Commission. The necessary permits/inspections are identified below in Sections 3 and 4 herein. Group Plan Commission will require proof of permitting/inspections upon submission of the Group Plan Commission registration information.

a. Mobile Food Operator License/Annual Certificate of Qualification

b. Temporary Hazardous Substance Permit

c. Passing of Annual Pressure Test

d. Annual Fire Inspection

e. Vendor Private Property Location Permit

f. Vendor ID Permit


1645 Superior Avenue

Cleveland, OH 44114

Kevin Simmons - 216.664.6664

i. Secure application and apply for temporary hazardous substance annual permit and enclose copy of current year mobile food operation license

ii. Secure annual certificate of qualification

iii. Schedule and Pass an Annual Pressure Test provided by a third-party vendor

iv. Schedule and Pass Annual Fire Inspection


75 Erieview Plaza

Cleveland, OH 44114

Raafeeq Ali - 216.664.4925

i. Secure application and apply for an annual Mobile Food Shop Location Permit


601 Lakeside Avenue, Room 122 Cleveland, OH 44114

Tonia Pugh - 216.664.2264

i. Upon approval, secure and apply for an annual Vendor ID Badge/ Permit for the manager and each employee working in the mobile food shop

5. CITY FINES: GPC is not responsible for fees, fines, etc., for Vendors not obtaining or maintaining proper permits and following city ordinances regarding licensing, health, and/or fire codes.

6. CLEANLINESS: It is the food operator’s responsibility to keep their service area and area in front of their vehicle clean and free of any trash throughout the contracted service time and leave the space in the condition found upon arrival.

a. Used oil and grease are not permitted to be disposed of with regular trash because those are hazardous materials and require proper handling by the food operator.

7. COST: There is a $50.00 per event Vendor cost to schedule a food truck in Public Square and payment is due fourteen (14) days in advance of the scheduled event date. Food Truck operators will be invoiced in advance and may make payments through the PayPal link provided to you when your schedule is confirmed.

8. COVID 19 PROTOCOLS: All federal, state, county, and city regulations for Covid 19 safe operations, including social distancing protocols, must be followed. All employees must wear masks per state and city requirements, and truck operators are responsible for maintaining a six-foot distance for customers.

9. DISPLAYS AND TENTS: Anchoring or drilling into any area of Public Square is strictly prohibited. Staking is NOT permitted into the lawn, flower beds, or any other landscaping material on Public Square grounds. This includes tents, temporary signage, displays, barriers, or any other similar visual display. The placement and location of tents throughout Public Square must be approved in advance by GPC and coordinated through GPC. All tents must utilize either concrete blocks or a water barrel system.

10. ELECTRICITY: Electrical requirements and requests must be completed 48 business hours prior to the activation date. Electrical service cannot be guaranteed if previous arrangements have not been agreed to in writing by GPC.

11. HAZARDOUS PERMIT: A city Hazardous Substances/Materials permit must be obtained and visibly posted when utilizing propane gas.

12. LICENSE: In accordance with City of Cleveland’s Vendor ID Law, section 675.02 of the Codified Ordinance, no person shall engage in vending anywhere in the City without a Vendor’s license.

13. LOST ITEMS: Group Plan Commission is not responsible for lost or stolen items belonging to the Vendors.

14. MARKETING: Vendor agrees to permit GPC to use Vendor’s name, logo, product description, and photographs for promotional materials and marketing purposes. Vendor further agrees to release all rights or claims in connection with the photo(s)/videotape in which they appear, for use by GPC and all sponsors. The photo(s)/videotape, if used, will be for the promotional purpose of marketing future GPC events. Vendor waives any right to inspect or approve photo(s)/videotape. All photographs, negatives and videotapes acquired by GPC shall constitute the sole property of GPC. Imagery provided by the Vendor will remain the property of the Vendor.

15. OPEN FLAMES: (BBQ grills, propane, charcoal, or wood burning) must be approved by GPC in advance no less than 48 hours prior to the event date. No open grilling is permitted without approval. All state and city Fire & Safety codes must be followed.

a. Propane tanks must be secured to the truck.

16. PARKING THE FOOD TRUCK: Directions will be provided in advance regarding the exact parking location, and is based upon the configuration of individual events, and is under the permission and supervision of GPC.

a. For “Food Truck Tuesdays”, the trucks will be parked on Rockwell Avenue, facing east in the south curb lane.

b. Trucks will be parked in accordance with their arrival time and the driver may not choose in which space to park.

c. Food trucks must maintain a 10’ minimum distance from the front bumper of one truck to the rear bumper of the next food truck.


a. In the event the spaces and/or premises to be used are unavailable on a particular event date due to construction, partial or total destruction, acts of God, severe inclement weather, or any other similar cause beyond the control of the parties which would make it inadvisable, illegal, or impossible to perform under the terms and conditions of this Contract, both parties retain the right to cancel the service.

b. In the event of a COVID-19 Emergency, Group Plan Commission may elect to cancel the schedule date up to twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the Vendor’s scheduled date, and, in such event, the Rental Amount shall be fully refundable to the Vendor. For purposes of this subsection, “COVID-19 Emergency” means any executive, judicial, legislative, or administrative order, mandate, regulation, injunction, restraining order or initiative issued under the laws of the State of Ohio, County of Cuyahoga, or City of Cleveland which prohibits mass outdoor gatherings or otherwise precludes the event from lawfully occurring at the time and location contracted for herein due to reasons related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

18. REGISTRATION: Food trucks must register with GPC to be considered for scheduling during Public Square events.

19. SCHEDULED HOURS: Vendor is expected to arrive on-site 1 hour prior to the event start time. Vendor is not permitted to leave the service site prior to the contracted ending service time without specific verbal approval from GPC staff due to service and safety concerns. Leaving early without consent will forfeit future scheduling opportunities for Public Square events.

20. SIGNAGE: All sign/banner placement requests for Public Square property must be approved by GPC prior to placement, a minimum of 48 hours prior to the event. Signs, decorations, and related materials may not be taped, wired, tacked, stapled, nailed, or affixed by cords in any manner, to a permanent structure, trees, or any similar landscaping material.

21. VENDOR COST RESPONSIBILITY: Food Vendors are responsible for costs of all labor, materials, equipment, supplies, sales tax, and any other items necessary for their participation in serving food in Public Square. GPC will not be held liable for any debt, tax, or assessment accrued by any food Vendor in the operation of their services.

22. WALKWAYS: Pedestrian walkways may not be impeded by tables, chairs, or other equipment that limits the ability for visitors to easily navigate the walkways.

23. WATER: Potable water is not readily available and must be provided solely by the food contractor for the duration of the event.

24. PERSONAL CONDUCT: GPC retains the right to decide if Vendor conduct is unacceptable/unsafe for a family friendly public event. If necessary, the Vendor will be asked to leave the premises for that day and will not be scheduled for future Public Square events.

Detrimental personal conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Failure to conduct oneself in a friendly and professional manner with other vendors, customers, or guests, including arguing, fighting, or the use of abusive, threatening, or vulgar language.

  2. Interfering with other vendors’ customers or food truck service area.

  3. Any act which might endanger the safety, health, or lives of others.

  4. Use of alcohol or illegal drugs while serving food in Public Square, including the possession, sale, or distribution of narcotics, intoxicants, controlled substances, or prescription drugs, is prohibited.



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