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Green aspects promote sustainability

Green is about more than just grass and trees, being greener is about being cleaner.

Cleveland Public Square designed green into this public space to be both attractive and functional.

There are more than 38,700 individually potted plants in more than 30 different species around The Square.

The new vegetation also includes 137 shrubs in seven different species. All of the vegetation was selected specifically for the climate here in Cleveland.

Trees on Public Square also serve several functions. The help to filter the air, cool the surface, and soak up stormwater.

With the help of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District the design of Public Square helps to protect Lake Erie.

Thanks for checking out Wally's Watermarks. This interactive "trail" takes you on an educational journey through Public Square.

Find all eight of Wally's Watermarks to learn about how the design of The Square protects Lake Erie and promotes sustainability.

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