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Healthy You. Healthy City. Coloring in The Square

As part of our Healthy You. Healthy City initiative, Cleveland Public Square created coloring pages based on landmarks in The Square. So break out your coloring utensils and take a moment of your day to unwind and color!

Coloring has the power to focus the brain similarly to meditation. For people who find it difficult to meditate, coloring pages and books for adults easily help induce the same meditative state. Research suggests coloring may lower stress, aid relaxation, boost creativity, even help improve sleep and attention spans. Download and print off Cleveland Public Square's coloring pages HERE.

Historic coloring pages include: - Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument: The monument stands in the southeast corner of Public Square and is the only remaining element from the Square's old design. The monument was constructed in 1894 and features a 125' column which has a memorial museum at its base. The Soldiers and Sailors monument is a memorial to Cuyahoga County soldiers who served in the Civil War. Currently closed due to COVID-19, the public typically has access to the memorial room, and can view bronze depictions of Civil War battles around the exterior.

- The Gund Foundation Green: A sprawling half-acre lawn on the north half of Public Square. – The Green is a beloved destination for all, whether you want to read a book under the giant yellow buckeye tree on Overlook Hill, watch a stage performance on Concert Hill, play a game of frisbee with your pup or cornhole with your kids.

- Overlook Hill: The northwest corner of the new Public Square, closest to West 2nd Street and the Old Stone Church. Overlook Hill is home to the largest tree in Public Square, a yellow buckeye, and several smaller swamp white oaks. The perfect place for a nap, picnic or to read a book.

- Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza: Through the generous support of the Cleveland Foundation, The Plaza features the fountain, splash pad, and Speakers’ Terrace and is home to the Cleveland Foundation Skating Rink during the winter months.

- REbol: A delicious and healthy cafe located in Cleveland Public Square, Rebol features a new standard of wellness by providing functional nutrition that improves your quality of life. Choose cafe favorites with organic, Non-GMO vegan, paleo-friendly and gluten-free options. Rebol offers dine-in, picnic-style outdoor seating in The Square or carry-out service.

Take the Healthy You. Healthy City pledge and commit to taking steps to care for your overall well being - that ultimately gives back to Cleveland because you have found balance, strength, and creativity in your rest.



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