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IN RESPONSE: Protests lead to damage in The Square

Protests turned into violence Saturday evening that left property damage and marks of vandalism throughout Cleveland.

Public Square sustained damage to bus shelters, Rebol, and other locations throughout the property.

"We are saddened by the unfortunate events following Saturday’s protest that left downtown Cleveland and Public Square in a state of destruction. Public Square is open for free speech but peaceful speech. We thank the volunteers, first responders, and business owners who have been working tirelessly to mitigate and clean-up the damage." said Sanaa Julien, CEO, Group Plan Commission.

At this time, the City of Cleveland has issued a curfew restricting travel in much of downtown and the area of West 28th to West 25th from Lorain Avenue to Superior Viaduct, an area that encompasses and is near The Square. The curfew is in place from Noon on Sunday, May 31 through 8PM Tuesday, June 2. All highway entrances to downtown are closed. Property damage in The Square is being assessed, cleanup work is underway, and all necessary repairs will be scheduled in the very near future.



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