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Irrigation system uses recycled water from the property

A state-of-the-art irrigation system waters the vegetation in Public Square without wasting water.

Catch basins around the property work in different ways to keep stormwater on the property rather than sending it to the sewers for treatment.

Some of the catch basins are design to feed water back into the soil for trees on Public Square.

Any excess water not needed by the trees goes into an underground overflow pipe, then the water is carried to a large rainwater harvesting system that's buried under the soil on Overlook Hill.

Look for the purple irrigation sprinkler heads around the property. They are indicators of water that is being recycled on site.

Watch this short video to learn more about the catch basins and how the promote sustainability in Public Square.

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Find all eight of Wally's Watermarks to learn about how the design of The Square protects Lake Erie and promotes sustainability.

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