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Landform public art display in Public Square

Landform public art display in Public Square
Landform public art display in Public Square

A new art exhibit is now on display in Public Square thanks to the Landform public art project.

Lauren Noel, founder of Ladynoeldesigns, is an artist from South Florida currently living and working in Cleveland Heights. She is a full-time visual artist who, through a strong social network on Instagram, has been able to build a supportive and encouraging audience. Previously, Lauren attended Dreyfoos School of the Arts and ran her own specialty cake business.

The artist creates illustrations, portraits, and abstract paintings in a variety of styles and color palettes. Highlights of her artwork include an art series on autism awareness, which she collaborated on with her son, giant interior murals for the Cleveland Flea, and illustrations of famous female heroines.


Unfolding, being revived, and going through the emotions of our ever-changing lives: This body of work is just that. Each piece, in its progression, coincides with certain weeks during the summer of 2018, reflecting the heartache the artist experienced, as well as the ongoing evolution of herself.

Piece by piece, the color changes and flows, while the use of shapes has more to do with the confines of Lauren’s emotions than anything else. Nude figures are at the forefront of most of her work, representing her own self-examination and struggle with her own nude form and the associated vulnerability. 

The work plays on emotions and falls In line with what the artist was emotionally and creatively able to give at the time of its creation.

Using what she knows to create something new with the use of color and process, the work has continued to evolve and take shape from what she had first set out to compose. Fear, frustration, heartache, joy, confusion, and triumph are embedded in each piece.

The project is supported through a generous grant from the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation.



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