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Let’s do business in Cleveland Public Square

So, you're in charge of your company’s annual event?

You are already ahead of the game!

It can feel like a lot of pressure to pull off the perfect (not stuffy) corporate event, one that doesn’t just check off the box, but shouts ___insert your company’s name____ IS THE BEST!

Let’s picture it together . . .

Your colleagues and partners take your advice to hop on the RTA, and arrive right at the party.

They mingle past the the built-in fountain feature straight to the bar, where you designed custom cocktails named after your C-Suite.

With drink in hand, they enjoy a bit of live music on their way to a food truck, or catered food! This is when they realize they can cancel their ‘back-up’ plans, because you have thought of everything!

Hosting your event in The Square will be worth the investment, because you went from just colleagues to a team. Enjoy a beautiful night in downtown Cleveland and set the stage for inside jokes, sincere memories, and authentic appreciation for everyone’s hard work.

Contact our events team today and we'll start planning with you.



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