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Loading & Service Vehicle Zone in Public Square

Loading Zone available for maintenance and operations

Public Square is Cleveland’s premier urban public park, welcoming visitors for daily enjoyment as well as hundreds of special programs and events throughout the year.

The community recently invested more than $50 million in a complete redesign of Public Square, including upgrading all utilities. In this redesign of the 6.5-acre park, the needs of multi-use property were carefully considered and applied.

The Group Plan Commission is the civic non-profit organization that programs, operates and maintains Public Square. Rebol, a full-service restaurant, also operates on the property.

In order to provide access for necessary operations, a designated loading and service vehicle zone is available which provides quick, but temporary access to The Square.

This area was specifically designed to complement the rest of The Square from an architectural perspective while also serving the needs of a modern park with numerous amenities. As the walkway from Tower City into Public Square, it is monitored closely.

Pre-identified maintenance vehicles, food service, delivery vehicles, and other permitted vendor vehicles utilize the area behind Rebol to ensure operation without disruption to the restaurant, ice rink, and fountain.

In addition to the restaurant access area, this loading and service zone provides the only access point to the underground service area for plumbing, electrical, irrigation, and other systems and utilities.

Please contact Group Plan Commission General Manager at with questions, or to receive temporary access for the loading and service zone.



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