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Lunchtime Music Series 'Square Sounds' Returns

Tower City Presents Square Sounds in Public Square, supported by funding from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, starts its 2023 season on Tuesday, May 16. This year there are 92 performances scheduled through September 29.

Grab lunch from your favorite downtown spot and join us in Public Square from 11:30am-1:30pm weekdays to hear the best local musicians in the area.

Also returning to Public Square on May 16 is our popular Food Truck Tuesdays.

Every Tuesday through September join us on Rockwell Avenue, near the Old Stone Church, for food trucks, live music and more. Trucks vary weekly, offering a wide variety of choices from vegan to burgers, barbeque to smoothies, and everything in between. New this year you can view our weekly food truck line-up on the Street Food Finder app, as well as on our website.

WHO: Cleveland’s best musicians performing live

WHAT: Tower City Presents Square Sounds in Public Square

WHEN: Monday-Friday 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

WHERE: Public Square splash pad area, except Tuesdays where it's by the Food Trucks

WHY: Everyone deserves to get outside, mingle, and enjoy live music!

View the list of performers on our website

2023 Square Sounds Performance Schedule

5/23 Tom Todd

5/29 Eric Embacher

5/30 Bob Frank

5/31 Alexis Antes

6/1 Diana Chittester

6/2 Denis DeVito and the Cats on Holiday Duo

6/5 The Island Doctor

6/6 The Eric Everett Jazz Band

6/7 Baker's Basement

6/8 Hayden Grove

6/9 Eric Embacher

6/12 Brent Kirby

6/13 Furious George Hartwig

6/14 The Travelin' Johnsons

6/15 Luca Mundaca

6/16 Afi Scruggs

6/19 Adam Orin

6/20 Marc Shannon

6/21 Duke Seneca

6/22 Scott Sopata

6/23 Moises Borges

6/26 Adam Orin

6/27 Afi Scruggs

6/28 Jim and Eroc Duo

6/29 Jul Big Green

6/30 Alexis Antes

7/3 Eric Embacher

7/4 Moises Borges

7/5 Diana Chittester

7/6 Paul Christianson

7/7 Marie DiDonato and Hip to That

7/10 The Eric Everett Jazz Band

7/11 Furious George Hartwig

7/12 Bob Frank

7/13 Duke Seneca

7/14 Moises Borges

7/17 Baker's Basement

7/18 Marc Shannon

7/19 Jim and Eroc Duo

7/20 The Travelin' Johnsons

7/21 Eric Embacher

7/24 Island Doctor

7/25 Brent Kirby

7/26 Afi Scruggs

7/27 Scott Sopata

7/28 Jul Big Green

7/31 Duke Seneca

8/1 Jim and Eroc Duo

8/2 Tom Todd

8/3 Alexis Antes

8/4 Marie DiDonato and Hip to That

8/7 Diana Chittester

8/8 Paul Christianson

8/9 Denis DeVito and the Cats on Holiday Duo

8/10 Afi Scruggs

8/11 Eric Embacher

8/14 The Eric Everett Jazz Band

8/15 Marc Lee Shannon

8/16 Furious George Hartwig

8/17 Bob Frank

8/18 Jul Big Green

8/21 Hayden Grove

8/22 Baker's Basement

8/23 Brent Kirby

8/24 The Travelin' Johnsons

8/25 Luca Mundaca

8/28 Adam Orin

8/29 The Island Doctor

8/30 Duke Seneca

8/31 Scott Sopata

9/1 Denis DeVito and the Cats on Holiday Duo

9/4 Luca Mundaca

9/5 Furious George Hartwig

9/6 The Jim and Eroc Duo

9/7 Tom Todd

9/8 Alexis Antes

9/11 The Island Doctor

9/12 Diana Chittester

9/13 Moises Borges

9/14 Paul Christianson

9/15 The Eric Everett Jazz Band

9/18 Bob Frank

9/19 Marc Lee Shannon

9/20 Hayden Grove

9/21 Marie DiDonato and Hip to That

9/22 Jul Big Green

9/25 Baker's Basement

9/26 Tom Todd

9/27 Brent Kirby

9/28 The Travelin' Johnsons

9/29 Luca Mundaca

There’s always something going on in Cleveland Public Square. See our daily list of activities including our Summer Splash program on our website


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