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New art exhibit is a reflection of beauty

"You Are the Standard of Beauty" now on display - PHOTO CREDIT: @WilliamFrederickClothing
"You Are the Standard of Beauty" now on display - PHOTO CREDIT: @WilliamFrederickClothing

The latest art wall installation features the work of a Cleveland-based freelance artist. Da'Shaunae Marisa's work is titled "You Are the Standard of Beauty." The piece is now on display in Public Square on the art wall behind Rebol. “The first time I witnessed a billboard of African-American women I was traveling on the 45 bus to Tri-C. It was a billboard with three black women. I remember looking at it and being surprised, because I had never seen women of color presented in that way, and it was very aesthetically pleasing. So, with that inspiration in mind, I tasked myself with creating a representation of women that I would like to see if I was walking around the city—a powerful group of women who are happy, enjoying life with healthy hair and great outfits, coming together and embodying sisterhood and friendship. I created this artwork for the inspiration of all women. I am showing my reflection of beauty, and I encourage others to show their own versions as well" said Marisa. The art wall is part of the LANDFORM project led by LAND Studio. LANDFORM is a series of art projects developed by a diverse group of local, regional, and international artists.

LANDFORM installations are made possible through generous support from the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation.

Read about upcoming LANDFORM installations here.



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