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To provide specific instructions on how to properly disinfect and sanitize the toys and games used during “Summer Splash activities. This daily maintenance program is in place to limit the transfer of germs and bacteria to the children attending the daily program…

All team members are responsible for the daily sanitization of all toys and games that are utilized on that particular day.



  • Do not sanitize items in the splash pad area, or think that the chlorinated water will provide ample sanitation to the items.

  • Bring all the items to the storeroom

  • Utilize the spray bottle labeled, “Summer Splash Cleaning Solution” and spray tables, toys, and other items that were used that day.

  • The cleaning solution is:

1. 2 tablespoons bleach to 32 ounces of water (spray bottle)

2. This solution is EPA approved to fight against: TB, HIV-1, and HEP- B&C.

  • Let the toys air dry whenever possible to provide the maximum disinfecting process

  • Place items back on the correct shelves for the next use.

  • Water Table disinfection

1. Partially fill the water table to the same dilution as listed above

2. Place the water toys into the mesh bag and place in bleach water to soak overnight

3. Empty the water and rinse the toys thoroughly



All toys and games that were taken out to the Splash Pad will be cleaned and sanitized daily.



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