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Product launches, retail in Public Square

MLB retail installation during All Star Week in Cleveland
MLB retail installation during All Star Week in Cleveland

Public Square is the perfect place to be seen, and to showcase your latest product. We've hosted several events where restaurants want to spread the word about their latest menu change, or a cell phone company wants to connect people to their latest offer.

One of our features retail installations was here during the MLB All-Star week in Cleveland. A leading baseball retailer installed an interactive retail store, that included live music, and a stunning display of guitars from MLB cities across the country. Our team can work with any company to help you discover how our park provides high visibility right in the heart of downtown Cleveland. The park is surrounded by 35,000 downtown workers and residents. It also serves as one of the main transit hubs for the city, with riders intersecting the city passing through The Square daily. We've even hosted a nationwide-traveling road tour for the much-anticipated movie launch of Disney Pixar's Cars 3. It featured amazing life-size replicas of cars from the movie like the legendary Lightning McQueen.

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