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Program and Activities Coordinator

Program and Activities Coordinator

Reports to: General Manager


Salary Range: $20 - $23 / HOUR


The Group Plan Commission (GPC) is a civic non-profit organization that programs, operates, and maintains Public Square, a six-and-a-half-acre urban park in the heart of downtown Cleveland.


The Program and Activities Coordinator creates and executes programs, special events, and activities in Public Square. The P&A Coordinator cultivates relationships with individuals and relevant organizations to develop and implement initiatives in Public Square.

The P&A Coordinator collaborates with the leadership team to develop, produce, and execute program ideas that fit into the organizational program strategy and takes concepts to market by engaging partners, sponsors and/or various community organizations.

The P&A Coordinator also processes event permit requests for Public Square, oversees planning and implementation strategies, including arranging, monitoring, and approving event equipment requests and oversees physical installation for all events. The P&A Coordinator may be asked to supervise staff during evening and weekend hours as needed.

The performance of the duties outlined below must be carried out within the principles and tenets of the Group Plan Commission: to treat all persons with dignity and respect and actively demonstrate an attitude of willing service and teamwork.


1. Responsible for creating, developing, programming, and executing events and activities.

a. Collaborate with leadership via brainstorming, meetings, and idea generation activities.

b. Maintain a yearly calendar of current and potential outreach activities.

c. Prepare an event plan and budget for activities presented by GPC.

d. Plan should include event concept, activities, partner identification, budget and goals.

e. Create new business relationships with potential partners.

f. Nurture existing relationships with collaborative partners to expand their presence.

g. Execute the event.

h. Complete the event with follow-through communication to colleagues and partners.

2. Provides administrative and operational direction for successful events by:

a. Serve as Public Square representative for coordinating all event logistics for external, partner, and client events, including selecting location within PS, coordinating event logistics, and managing equipment requirements. Clearly communicate to ensure that all of the client’s needs are understood and provided for in a professional and timely manner to provide an excellent customer service experience.

b. Ensure compliance with Public Square Facility Use Procedures and Policies for scheduled events. Responding effectively to violations if policies are not followed.

c. Providing direct support for events scheduled, including evening and weekend hours when needed.

d. Follow-through communication to thank partners for hosting event in PS, as well as securing final payments.

3. Responsible for administrative coordination of all internal and external events, including:

a. Collaborate with colleagues, partners, clients, and the community to gather and disseminate information pertaining to any and all events.

b. Respond to inquiries and requests, obtain event details, and enter information into to the Public Square event scheduling system.

c. Initiate the Space Use Contract and any additional paperwork required to process the event request.

d. Provide comprehensive event information and assigning tasks to department staff in support of scheduled events. Responsible for scheduling as-needed meetings to identify late changes or special requests and make the required changes with staff and Public Square support organizations and operations.

e. Assess current administrative and operational practices to provide creative ideas and solutions that will improve the department’s customer service quality and the overall effectiveness of the department.


Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Management, Hospitality, Marketing, Communications, or Business

A minimum of three years experience in the following areas are required:

  • Special event programming, planning, and execution in either the conference, hospitality, sports, or entertainment industries

  • Supervisory/leadership experience.

Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills.

Exceptional customer service skills.

Ability and willingness to work evening and weekend hours.

Other duties as assigned.

To apply, please email us at


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