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"Protest" brings powerful message in the form of art

"Protest" on display in Public Square
"Protest" on display in Public Square

A new art exhibit in Public Square delivers a message of freedom and unity. Protest features four steel silhouettes depicting people involved in a peaceful demonstration.

It's the work of Nigerian born, Brooklyn-based artist Olalekan 'LEk' Jeyifous. “I was inspired by the history of protest, peace rallies, and civic gatherings that have taken place in Public Square and wanted to acknowledge this tradition through these large-scale characters engaged in various forms of that practice,” said artist LEk Jeyifous.

Four 10-foot sculptures will be on display in The Square as part of the Landform series made possible through a partnership with LAND Studios and Group Plan Commission. Landform is a series of artistic displays featuring local, regional, and international artists. 

The project is supported through a generous grant from the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation.

“Landform kicked off last summer with the unforgettable FlockCLE, more than 300 brightly colored, larger-than-life sculptures in Public Square and throughout downtown. “We are excited about this second installation,” says Greg Peckham, executive director at LAND studio.

The Group Plan Commission is equally excited about the installation. Sanaa Julien, CEO of the Group Plan Commission which manages Public Square, commented “Much like the whimsical, colorful FlockCLE animal sculptures attracted playful exploration throughout the city, and especially in Public Square, we expect Protest to draw the community to Public Square to engage in peaceful reflection and respectful dialogue. The art is extraordinary but the bold representation of the human voice is a testament to our power to share our opinion. This representation is what makes the installation ideally suited for Public Square.”

Protest will be in place for about eight months, after which the individual pieces will be moved to other locations yet to be determined.



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