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Public Square activates free guest wifi service

CLEVELAND – Downtown Cleveland's premier outdoor space is now offering a powerful new technology service for events, and a FREE public Wi-Fi service for park visitors.

A state of the art internet service and wireless network was recently activated in Public Square. 

This new service makes Public Square an even more attractive venue for entertainment events, while also enhancing the park's visitor experience. Guests can now connect to a FREE Wi-Fi service with high-speed bandwidth made possible by the support of Everstream, a super-regional network service provider with headquarters in Downtown Cleveland.

Public Square was recently named one of the top 15 public places by the American Planning Assocation, and now it just got better.

Everstream’s all-fiber network will deliver high-speed internet service throughout the 6.5-acre park in the heart of Downtown Cleveland.

“Public Square is an integral part of downtown Cleveland’s landscape. Everstream is proud to call Cleveland home and wanted to give back to the businesses, employees, and visitors who enjoy all that Public Square has to offer,” said Brett Lindsey, President and Chief Executive Officer, Everstream. In 2016, Everstream moved its Cleveland headquarters to the historic Halle Building, the flagship store of the former local department store chain.

Public Square hosts more than 150,000 people annually through programming and events. A free Wi-Fi service will give visitors a unique new way to enjoy the space, whether it's streaming video, sharing your experience in the park on your favorite social media channel, taking your work outdoors, or reading about events coming to The Square.

Public Square's new internet services were also made possible with technical support and donations from another local information technology company, ForeFront Technology.

"The Group Plan Commission is grateful for the support of these two Cleveland-based companies. We're confident that this new technology will enhance the experience for future guests and event promoters. These new services allow The Group Plan to continue our mission to better connect people who live in Cleveland or visit our city." said Dustin Wadsworth, Director of Digital Marketing, Public Square Programming and Operations.

Everstream is a super-regional network service provider bringing fiber-based Ethernet, internet and data center solutions to businesses throughout the Midwest. The company focuses on delivering best-in-class network solutions while providing an unrivaled commitment to customer service.

With more than 10,000 miles of fiber across five states and comprehensive data center connectivity at 100 Gigabit speed, Everstream provides the fastest network in its service areas. Everstream’s network is capable of accommodating converged internet, voice and data services at speeds up to 100 Gbps.

For more information, visit

Guest are encouraged to use our bandwidth to visit, where you can check our events calendar to stay informed about upcoming programming in Public Square.



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