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Public Square Hosts Diner en Blanc

It can finally be revealed! Public Square was selected as the secret location for the first ever Diner en Blanc in Cleveland.

More than 700 guests, dressed to the nines in all white, enjoyed dinner, dancing and togetherness in Public Square under Cleveland's starry skies.

Diner en Blanc was born in Paris, France, in 1988 when a group of friends gathered for an elegant outdoor dinner in a local park. They all wore white so they could find each other.

Since then, similar Diner en Blanc soirees have taken place across the world.

This was Cleveland's inaugural Diner en Blanc.

The 700 guests were told to dress in all white. They were then given instructions on how to get to the secret location.

In the end, the group found itself in Cleveland Public Square for an elegant evening of dinner, music and champagne.

Learn more about Diner en Blanc here.


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