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Public Square is a pet friendly park, but be sure to take the PUP challenge

Here’s a message for ALL our dog lovers. Did you know there are 90,000 dogs in Cuyahoga County? 

Those dogs drop nearly 45 TONS of pet waste, EVERY DAY! If you don't pick it up, it can make its way to your shoes, or the sewer system. Either way, that bacteria is a bad thing for you and Lake Erie.

Public Square is a dog-friendly park, so next time you are walking your dog in The Square, be polite and protect the environment! The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District reminds you to pick up poop

There’s even pick-up bags on The Gund Foundation Green.

Do your part to keep our Great Lake great by picking up after your pets. Check out and take the PUP Pledge TODAY!

Thanks for checking out Wally's Watermarks. This interactive "trail" takes you on an educational journey through Public Square.

Find all eight of Wally's Watermarks to learn about how the design of The Square protects Lake Erie and promotes sustainability.

Find more tips for a healthier home and environment at



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