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Public Square "Jersey Barriers" closer to removal

A project focused on upgrading Public Square, namely the Superior Avenue crossing and removal of the jersey barriers, is moving forward in 2023 thanks to the generous support of partners from across the city.

“We are one step closer to the Public Square that Clevelanders deserve,” said Mayor Justin M. Bibb. “We are grateful to all the partners who are committed to getting this done. Thank you for your ongoing support and collaboration.”   

On Tuesday, December 20, 2022, the Group Plan Commission—the civic non-profit that programs, maintains, and operates Public Square—announced they have reached a $3.5 million project fundraising goal with support from the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Greater Cleveland RTA, KeyBank, The Sherwin-Williams Foundation, The George Gund Foundation, Bedrock, Cavaliers, Rocket Mortgage, and JACK Entertainment.   

“Cuyahoga County is pleased to support these improvements to Public Square and Superior Avenue,” said County Executive Armond Budish. “It benefits all of us when the heart of Downtown Cleveland is safe, attractive, and accessible.”   

In early January, the project team will share a detailed conceptual design with the Downtown Flats Design Review Advisory Committee and the City Planning Commission. 

The updated concept under development reserves two lanes for buses and creates permanent curb extensions in the center of Public Square, narrowing the middle portion of the roadway to one lane in each direction and increasing pedestrian safety.   

The jersey barriers will be replaced by new security bollards that are aligned with the curb extensions to increase pedestrian space, delineate the roadway from the park, and restrict unauthorized vehicular access.

The City, RTA and Group Plan Commission are continuing to coordinate on design details to advance the project. Planning and design for circulation improvements around the perimeter of Public Square--including a protected bikeway around the Square for cyclists that don't want to ride in traffic--will occur in a separate phase.


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