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Hungry for something tasty and healthy?

Leave the GMO’s behind and order a heaping Bol filled with Super Noodles, Salad or Rice, or Bau, steam buns filled with choice of protein and a side of thai street corn.

Don’t forget to grab a side or two – sticky wings, bahn mi bbq pork nachos, gimme’smore bao or a super milkshake.

Need a cup of coffee to get you going? Rebol featues PourSteady, a next generation coffee brewing system built by robotics engineers in Brooklyn, NY.

Combining the experience and quality of hand-poured coffee with the speed and consistency of a machine. Every cup is created per cup.

The bar features regional brews and eclectic cocktails.

Rebol is owned by Bobby George who also owns Town Hall on West 25th Street.

Connect with Rebol on Facebook, or Twitter.



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