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Square Sounds Lunch Break LIVE on Facebook

Marc Shannon to perform live on Facebook
Marc Shannon to perform live on Facebook

Square Sounds, a popular live music event that normally happens in The Square will now be offered in a live stream on Facebook. Local musicians are seeing the impact of business closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Group Plan Commission is working with local musicians to offer support, and bring our audience live music that may offer some entertainment during the lunch hour. Square Sounds Lunch Break will be streamed LIVE to Facebook every Tuesday and Thursday at Noon. Each performance will last an hour and can be found on the @CLEPublicSquare Facebook page. Here's the lineup: March 24 Marc Shannon

26 Moises Borges

31 Paulo Costa

April 2 Brent Kirby

7 Marc Shannon

9 Afi Scruggs

14 The Travelin’ Johnsons

16 Brent Kirby

21 Alexis Antes

23 Diana Chittester

28 Eric Embacher

30 Luca Mundaca

May 5 FIG

7 Anne E. DeChant

12 Eric Embacher

14 Alexis Antes

19 Moises Borges

21 Diana Chittester

26 Island Doctor

28 Bob Frank

June 2 Afi Scruggs

4 Brent Kirby

9 Marc Shannon

11 Furious George

16 Eric Embacher

18 Moises Borges

23 Paulo Costa

25 Bob Frank

30 Victor Samalot

July 2 Alexis Antes

7 Victor Samalot

9 Diana Chittester

14 Moises Borges

16 Marc Shannon

21 Brent Kirby

23 Bob Frank

28 Furious George

30 Paul Christensen

August 4 Diana Chittester

6 Brent Kirby

11 Wes McCraw

13 Victor Samalot


20 Eric Embacher

25 Alexis Antes

27 FIG September

1 Scott Alan

3 Marc Shannon

8 Afi Scruggs

10 Bob Frank

15 Paul Christianson

17 Victor Samalot

22 Tom Todd

24 Eric Embacher



1 Diana Chittester

Just Look for the live streaming link to be shared on our Facebook page at the start of the performance. ABOUT The Group Plan Commission is a non-profit organization that is leading the effort to revitalize Public Square along with other signature public space in downtown Cleveland. The commission works closely with the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, and LAND Studio.



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