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Square Sounds Spotlight: Bob Frank

Square Sounds is a popular live music event that normally happens in The Square. We spoke with the musicians who participate in this program for more insight into their musical upbringing and background. This week we asked Bob Frank questions about his relationship with music. Bob's first instrument he learned to play was the harmonica. His favorite concert-going experience was seeing Arthur Rubinstein play Beethoven's Emperor Concerto, at age 90, with the Cleveland Orchestra. (Here's a link to a performance by Arthur Rubinstein from around the same time Bob witnessed his amazing talent!) Bob loves playing in The Square because the crowds are friendly and he's surrounded by tall buildings in Downtown Cleveland, in his words, it's a "...great gig!"

Stay tuned throughout the spring and summer season to hear Bob Frank perform virtually or physically in The Square! You can find his music here.

In the meantime, Square Sounds will now be offered in a live stream on Facebook. Local musicians are seeing the impact of business closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Group Plan Commission is working with local musicians to offer support, and bring live music to our audience during the lunch hour. Square Sounds Lunch Break will be streamed LIVE to Facebook every Tuesday and Thursday at Noon.

Each performance will last an hour and can be found on the @CLEPublicSquare



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