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Take the Healthy You. Healthy City. pledge

In these challenging times, we are in this together even when we are apart. We're inviting everyone to use this time to rest, recover, and come back even stronger.

Did you know that accessibility to green space can make you healthier?

Cleveland Public Square creates opportunities for connections, increased economic activity, and property values, lower temperatures, reduce stormwater runoff, improves mental health, and provides spaces for physical activity, as well as health programming.

Urban parks and public spaces not only increase individual wellness but create a collective strength as a community! So we ask you to do your part by prioritizing yourself. By taking the pledge, you are committing to taking steps to care for your overall well being - that ultimately gives back to Cleveland because you have found balance, strength, and creativity in your rest.

That's why we're introducing the Healthy You, Healthy City. initiative.

We've put together a great new lineup of programs that are all centered around personal health, whether it's for the mind, body, or soul.

It's free to participate, and you can check our Healthy You, Healthy City events calendar to see programs like Yoga on The Green, Tai Chi, Hip Hop, Flamenco dancing, a self-guided walking tour of our gardens, and many more featured programs. Please take a moment to take the Healthy You, Healthy City pledge. We'll be sure to send you updates about how Cleveland Public Square makes a healthier you and a healthier Cleveland.




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