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Trees keep The Square "cool"

Did you know a healthy tree can hold more than 100 gallons of water?

Trees also provide great shade for guests visiting Public Square, which helps keep the surface cooler on sunny days.

Trees are just one of several smart sustainable features of Public Square. Less stormwater runoff protects Lake Erie; and more trees help filter pollutants out of the air to improve quality of life.

More than 200 trees were planted during the redesign of Public Square, which significantly increased the green surfaces of the park. 

The planting palette will also attract numerous birds, butterflies, and other species which will  contribute to the overall ecology of downtown.

Thanks for checking out Wally's Watermarks. This interactive "trail" takes you on an educational journey through Public Square.

Find all eight of Wally's Watermarks to learn about how the design of The Square protects Lake Erie and promotes sustainability.

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