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"Triumph (of Heaven, Earth, and the Cosmos)" now on display in The Square

"Triumph (of Heaven, Earth, and the Cosmos)"
"Triumph (of Heaven, Earth, and the Cosmos)"

A new art installation in now on display in Public Square.

"Triumph (of Heaven, Earth, and the Cosmos)" is an illustrative odyssey composed of Chinese cultural motifs, energetic elements derived from automatic drawing, and quirky personal musings of the artist.

The Chinese character for "you" is boldly presented at the center with the intention to celebrate the viewer and provide a reminder of the brilliance of one's existence.

Themes of the "hero's journey" and "light conquering darkness" collide with heavenly beings, sacred creatures, giant robots, and imaginative moments of whimsy.


Jordan Wong (WONGFACE) loves to delight, inspire, and share his quirky sense of humor through illustration and graphic design.

Since moving to Cleveland in 2015, Jordan has started his own business, shown artwork throughout the city, became AIGA Cleveland’s Community Outreach Director, and assumed the role of design partner at the art organization SPACES.

From minimal, abstract sentiments to more illustrative designs, he draws inspiration from his experiences as an Asian American and his nostalgic love for cartoons, comics, and video games.


LANDFORM, a public art program conceived and managed by local non-profit LAND studio and generously funded by the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation, is bringing temporary public artworks to Public Square, the Mall, and other parts of Downtown Cleveland over a three-year period.

The murals, on a wall facing the main entrance to Terminal Tower, are parts of a series rotating quarterly. Thank you to the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation for their continued support of public art in Cleveland.

To learn more about this and other exciting projects, visit



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