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Garden Bed

There is an additional garden bed on the southern edge of Public Square, just south of the area known as Speaker's Terrace.

This garden features the following types of plants:

Higan Cherry, Masterwort, White Wild Indigo, Siberian Bugloss, Plains Oval Sedge, Black Snakeroot, Purple Lovegrass, Coral Reef Beebalm, Switchgrass, Oriental Poppy.

From this vantage point, you can look to the north to see the entire Cleveland Foundation Centennial Plaza. To the south, you'll see JACK Casino.

Guests who are in The Square for the self-guided walking tour of the gardens and continue along the granite paver walkway, known as the KeyBank Promenade, in either direction to find the next set of gardens.

The vegetation around The Square was intentionally selected during the design process. (READ MORE)



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