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Wally's Watermarks deliver sustainability message

Wally's Watermarks in Public Square, can you find all eight?
Wally's Watermarks in Public Square, can you find all eight?

The Group Plan Commission and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District have teamed up to provide an educational program that will highlight the sustainable practices used in renovating and maintaining Public Square. 

A new interactive program can now be seen in Public Square. Wally’s Watermarks is a series of educational check-points featuring Wally Waterdrop from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

Each one of Wally’s Watermarks offers educational stories and videos about sustainability.

This education trail walks Public Square visitors through some of The Square’s unique construction and design features that help protect Lake Erie.

Wally’s Watermarks were created in partnership with the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District which supports on-going programming in The Square.

SPECIAL SECTION: Wally's Watermarks

A series of eight Wally’s Watermarks are in key locations within Public Square. Each Watermark explains how that specific area of The Square contributes to sustainability, recycling water, or protecting Lake Erie from excess stormwater runoff.

Public Square underwent a $50 million renovation which added significant green space and state-of-the-art water-quality and conservation methods in its design.

Anyone who visits Public Square is encouraged to search for all eight Wally’s Watermarks and learn more about how they can make sustainable decisions at home, as well.

Group Plan Commission is a civic, non-profit organization and programs, maintains and operates Public Square and is leading the effort to create connectivity and vibrancy for Cleveland’s downtown public spaces. 

The commission works closely with the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Greater Cleveland Partnership, Downtown Cleveland Alliance, and LAND Studio.



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