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Yoga on the Green Spotlight: Dawn Rivers

Grab your yoga mat and stop by for weekly yoga sessions led by instructors from throughout the region!

Yoga on the Green happens every Sunday morning from 10AM - 11AM and every Wednesday afternoon from 5:30PM - 6PM, June 7 through September 27.

We spoke with the instructors who participate in this program for more insight no their relationships with yoga. This week we spoke with Dawn Rivers from Daybreak Yoga LLC. Dawn's style of teaching yoga is mindful, energetic, and fun! She uses vinyasa to warm up the body and mind for more challenging poses while helping my students find their edge.

They learn to build confidence, become self-aware by staring fear in the face. Dawn brings them to a place of stillness through yin postures for a release of their connective tissues or fascia.

Yin yoga helps to calm the nervous system and open joints where most stress seems to be stored in the body. With influences of power yoga and adapt it as needed for her students and clients because Dawn believes that every "body" can do yoga! Dawn's first experience with yoga was in 1999 when she brought home a library videotape of Rodney Yee. She decided to start teaching yoga because she, "... wanted women who looked like me to experience yoga in a fun and welcoming way."

Practicing yoga also helped her find herself and connect her to likeminded people. Her Daybreak Yoga community inspires her yoga practice and makes her want to keep learning and growing for them. Her favorite aspects of teaching in The Square are sharing the healing potential of yoga with people, all the while outside, and in the heart of beautiful downtown Cleveland! For more information on Dabreak Yoga LLC, visit this link! Our yoga sessions are family-friendly and designed for all skill levels. Guest will need to register in advance since space will be limited to 10 people. Find a Yoga on the Green session here.

When visiting The Square guests are expected to adhere to social distancing and the most updated state and city health guidelines.



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