reservation rates.

Public Square is multi-use property in the heart of downtown Cleveland. Companies, individuals, and organizations are welcome to rent areas of the park for events.

***Pricing includes rental of space only. Additional expenses may include audio or visual or internet requirements, permit fees, trash removal, security, staff, and rental items. Public Square does not provide parking.


rate card.

Public Square is a great venue to host events for weddings, business celebrations, or large scale productions. Get information about reservation fees by downloading our 2019 Rate Card.

Submit a request to host an event in Public Square by completing our online form.

Learn more about special use permits that may be required for certain types of events.

See the complete policies and procedures related to all events that happen in Public Square.

See current rental rates for use of the property as well as other service fees based on your needs.


The reimagined Public Square is part of The Group Plan's mission to better connect Public Square, the Malls, and the lakefront.

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