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Gund Foundation Green

The Gund Foundation Green is the expansive lawn area in the northern half of Public Square.

The lawn replaced hard surfaces like concrete and now allows stormwater to soak underground naturally.

By filtering stormwater through layers of soil and rock, the process naturally removes pollutants and protects groundwater.

This green space in the heart of downtown Cleveland is another way Public Square's construction design protests Lake Erie.

This investment in green infrastructure, and sustainable use plan is made possible with the support of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

The Gund Foundation Green is an open area that will be used for general seating during events, or just as a place to sit and relax.

Park visitors enjoy playing Frisbee, catch, or picnic on the grass.

Thanks for checking out Wally's Watermarks. This interactive "trail" takes you on an educational journey through Public Square.

Find all eight of Wally's Watermarks to learn about how the design of The Square protects Lake Erie and promotes sustainability.

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