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'Intersection' art wall installation in Public Square

Intersection was produced Dante Rodriguez
Intersection was produced Dante Rodriguez

A new art wall exhibit has been installed on the back of Rebol. The design is titled,Intersection, and it was produced Dante Rodriguez.

Rodriguez graduated from Cleveland State University in 2003, and now lives and works in Cleveland Heights.

His artwork has been displayed at numerous shows throughout the Cleveland area, as well as Pittsburgh, and Beverly, Massachusetts.

Rodriguez was born in 1978 in Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico.


My proposed design titled Intersection for the art wall in Public Square is an expressive interpretation of pedestrians and wildlife crossing a street intersection.

The black and white graphic image has been fragmented, creating a personal coded visual language of the dynamics between humans and wildlife. My aesthetic inspiration came from my memory of The Yoors Tapestries exhibition in 2001 at the Cleveland State University Art Gallery.

The dozen or so large scale muralesque tapestries by Belgian artist Jan Yoors, gave me a strong admiration for lyrical hard edged designs that communicate ideas of harmony with a limited palette of colors and forms. My approach to the assignment was similar to how a weaver interlaces threads in making a layered image through time.

The silhouetted lower half portion of the human and deer bodies are made unrecognizable by opposing black and white abstract patterns. They are a symbolic gesture of our complex relationship we have with our environment.

As an artist, I use my experiences and inquiries to explore human relationships and our environment. I want to develop an understanding of identities, histories, and knowledge about what it means to be a complex living entity that is constantly changing from the flood of modern conveniences of technology and information.

The city is a good representation of modern life and the countless intersections we cross daily remind us of the exchanges of ideas and experiences. I hope this image offers a space for honest reflection of this visual discourse.


The art wall is part of the LANDFORM project led by LAND Studio. LANDFORM is a series of art projects developed by a diverse group of local, regional, and international artists.

Public art displays of varying scale will be displayed in locations across Cleveland between 2016 - 2018.

LANDFORM installations are made possible through generous support from the Char and Chuck Fowler Family Foundation.

Read about upcoming LANDFORM installations here.



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