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Permit materials

Our team can assist during your planning process to ensure that you obtain all of the necessary permits for your event. Once your event application has been approved our team will determine if any special use permit applications will need to be submitted to the City of Cleveland.

Here are a few types of permits that may be required:



Alcohol for sale at events will be exclusively managed by the GPC who holds the State of Ohio Liquor Permit for Public Square. The distribution of beverages, regardless of type and/or quantity, is the sole and exclusive responsibility of GPC. AMPLIFIED SOUND In accordance with city of Cleveland sound ordinances, events with amplified sound is only permitted between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM, Amplified noise and/or music must be approved in advance by GPC.


The use of open flame devices are not permitted on property without written permission from GPC. All use of open flame equipment, must be coordinated through the Cleveland Fire Department.

The Licensee is required to receive prior written approval from GPC Event Team to have any open flames, burning candle or candles, and pyrotechnic devices in connection with any public meeting or gathering for purposes of amusement, deliberating, education, entertainment, instruction, recreation, worship, or similar purposes.


Certain events may require a street closure in, or around The Square. Our team works with the City of Cleveland to determine if a street closure is necessary, and will work with your event planners to obtain approval from the City of Cleveland's Public Works Department.

COMMERCIAL SALES, VENDOR PERMITS In accordance with City of Cleveland’s Vendor ID Law, section 675.02 of the Codified Ordinance, no person shall engage in vending anywhere in the City without a vendor’s license. Vendor tables are to be informational only, with no commercial, profit making, direct sales, or solicitation events permitted on GPC property.


Please review our Policies for more information about any special use permits you may need. Our team will work with you to ensure you meet all requirements before your events is given final approval.



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